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  • Guidelines

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    Resurge life guidelines.

    As an account owner you've already agreed to accepting and following ResurgeLife guidelines. We take great pride and care of following these rules to keep this forum a peaceful and relaxed place, these guidelines may change without notice so its wise to check back here occasionally. These rules are your best friend and guide on how the forum works, failure to follow these guidelines will resort to you receiving an infraction or IP Banned from the forum either permanently or temperately depending on your behavior.

    The administrators and Guides of ResurgeLife have the right to edit, move, close any thread or post, including blog posts and comments. They have a right to warn, ban or remove any member for any reason.The ability to post on here is a privilege and neglecting to follow the these guidelines will result in you being warned, or even banned from posting on the forum.

    Members must be respectful to Guides and Administrators at all times that includes in Private messages and Social media channels. Insults and or other forms of disrespect will result in penalties.

    General Rules
    Respect - You are to respect other members on the forum at all times, No name calling is allowed, Especially swear words, In this community we are all friends and should behave with a sense responsibility.

    Selling/Buying - You are not allowed to buy or sell any merchandise on our forums.

    Advertising - You are not allowed to advertise any links on the forum to your brand or site. Links to forums in competition with ResurgeLife are not allowed on the forum and will be removed. You are not allowed to advertise donation links anywhere on the forum, You will need to contact a Guide or Admin
    Illegal content - post with unlicensed downloads, or copyrighted material is not allowed on the forum, requests for illegal material or files will be removed and you will be handled accordingly.

    Spam - Spam will not be tolerated anywhere on the forum, Threads or blogs containing advertisements or spam will be removed and the user will receive a ban from the forum.

    Offensive Content- Sexual content is not allowed to be posted anywhere on the forum including your avatars, signatures, or User titles. Comments containing Homophobic, Racists, or otherwise discriminatory content will not be tolerated.

    Privacy Breach - You are not allowed to post or share private information of another member of ResurgeLife, (That includes their pictures) Members who post a users personal information will receive an infraction and a 30 day ban or permanent.

    Rule Bending - Anyone caught trying to work their way around any ruling will recieve etra penalties against their account

    Duplicate Accounts- You are not allowed to have more then one account, if a user is found with multiple accounts your new one will be banned and penalties will be applied to your original account, Or both accounts will be banned. If you re-register you will be IP banned from the site and a complaint to your ISP.

    Banned? - If you have been banned and think it isn't deserved, You may contact us via twitter (@ResurgeLife) We will review the situation and act respond accordingly.

    Profanity - Profanity is not allowed, Members swearing will receive penalties.
    When Posting
    1. Do not use Txt talk, Use proper grammar and correctly punctuated posts, You aren't going to get much response from other members when you use text talk.
    2. Do not use all CAPITAL LETTERS in headers or posts.
    3. threads with only 1 picture or has very little content will be removed so try to add value more details to the topic.
    4. when replying to a thread make sure you are adding quality content to the topic.
    5. threats of suicide will not be tolerated on the forum, the post promoting self harm or suicide will be most likely removed.

    RL Staff Team

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